This is my learning reflection of the cs108 class, Intro to game Studies.
In the class, we designed, played various kind of games, and made a video game using unity engine.

I took the class because I am interested in playing and making games, and this class was a really…

Stop the aliens is a game project using Unity engine.
It is a top-down shooter game made by Gyeongheun Kim, Marlon Garcia, Heru Wang, Umika.
I am the Designer, and programmer of the game.
Heru is the producer, Marlon is the programmer, Umika is the artist. …

Today, I will share my experience about JackBox game.
Jackbox game is pack of simple mini games that can be played with audiences.

The game I really liked was the game that participants make funny answers to a funny questions, and each participants and audiences vote to the answer they…

This is a blog post about a game I have been developing currently.

The game is called Stop the Aliens. It is a top-down shooting game. Players goal is to kill all the aliens who invaded his house. Unity Engine is used to create the game.

You can play the…

This is the game I have been making currently with a designer as a project for the class.

The game is Stop the Aliens

It is a 2D platform Top-Down Shooting game that player kills the aliens that invaded the player’s house.

I am the Producer of the game, so…

In videogame lab 2, I played three games to find out the connection and differences between the games. I played the games, and watched my partner playing the games. This post is about my thought of the three games through the experience.


The first game we played is This…

Prototyping a new game

This is my prototyping a game called Smart or fool. It is a game consist of several mechanics such as memory, push your luck, player judge, etc.

To play this game, we only needs one standard card deck including jokers.

The win condition is to gather more points than other…

Today, I will introduce about a popular Solotaire game, Klondike.

To win the Klondike Solotaire, we need to move cards carefully. If we just make movement without thinking, and draw cards from the draw pile unefficiently, it will be difficult to win the game.

  • Setup

The game can be played…

Today, I played an internet arcade: Astro Blaster. Astro Blaster is a classic shooting game that was released in 1981 by SEGA. Players shoot missiles to shoot down the enemies while continuously manage the fuel and temperature of a ship.

It was my first time using a browser emulator to…

Gyeongheun Kim

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