Blog 6 — Video Game Prototype


This is a blog post about a game I have been developing currently.

The game is called Stop the Aliens. It is a top-down shooting game. Players goal is to kill all the aliens who invaded his house. Unity Engine is used to create the game.

You can play the game using arrow keys to move, and spacebar to shoot. Player can shoot while moving only.

Anyone can try this game for free on this page:

The game has developed a lot from last alpha testing.

The developments from last alpha testing are:

Start scene added.
Restart button added.
Game Over Scene is adjusted.
Aliens respawn at several respawning points randomly.
Shooting key is changed from ctrl to spacebar.
Brief description about HP is added on the top left.
Knockback sound is added.
Shooting speed is adjusted.
Alien speed is adjusted.

One known issue is that bullet speed is different depends on the hardware performance. I will fix the issue as soon as possible.

For next development, we are planning to make remaining HP visible to the player, and add more stages with different background. It is currently the living room, and we plan to add more rooms such as kitchen room, bedrooms, and more for a level. Finally player will remove all aliens in the house.