Intro to game Studies-Course reflection

Gyeongheun Kim
2 min readDec 11, 2020

This is my learning reflection of the cs108 class, Intro to game Studies.
In the class, we designed, played various kind of games, and made a video game using unity engine.

I took the class because I am interested in playing and making games, and this class was a really good start to understand how the game is made.

The most interesting part of the class for me was the final project. Before we start the project, I played several games, and designed a board game, and learned basic theories about what to consider when we make games. Then we started the game project. we worked as a group with a programmer and two artists. We designed and programmed a top-down shooting game from the beginning with nothing is built. Through the project, I learned C#, how to make script of unity engine, how to use unity which is quite popular game engine in real life too, how the physics works when we play games, how to cooperate with artists, etc. The project was difficult, but it was fun. We found that making the game is quite interesting and fun, and worth for our development, so we decided to develop the game further.

Overall, the class was quite amazing that I recommend the class to people who are interested in making a real game.