Stop the Aliens — final project

Gyeongheun Kim
2 min readDec 1, 2020

Stop the aliens is a game project using Unity engine.
It is a top-down shooter game made by Gyeongheun Kim, Marlon Garcia, Heru Wang, Umika.
I am the Designer, and programmer of the game.
Heru is the producer, Marlon is the programmer, Umika is the artist.
Game link is here

Player can only shoot while moving by pressing spacebar, and arrow keys to move.

The player can type any key to start the game. When the player gets touched by aliens 5 times, the player dies, and the game restarts. The player cannot overpass the obstacles. When the player kills all aliens, the player wins.

The background of the game is that spaceship of aliens invaded into a player’s house. so the player need to protect the house by attacking aliens with water balloons that kill aliens.

From last version, we received several useful feedbacks from users, and we implemented it to the game.
First, the health bar system is implemented, so now the player can see their health bar on the top of the character.
Second, the stage 2 and 3 are added. The new background and furniture of the game is added for each stage. In addition, we adjusted the difficulty of the game. Stage 1 became easier, and when player gets to the next level, the speed of the aliens get increased slightly.

I also want to talk about the shooting mechanism. Currently, the player can only shoot while moving. We received several feedbacks about it that some people wanted being able to shoot when stopped, but some people wanted the way it is because it is more controllable.
We decided to keep our way that player can only shoot while moving because it felt too easy when player can shoot while not moving.

For the next update, we are planning to add the stage 4. I will start working on it as soon as the art assets are ready.
In addition, we are going to add background music, and winning scene sound, so the game gets more exciting. We found several good background music, and trying to pick one from them.