Video Game Lab

Gyeongheun Kim
3 min readSep 26, 2020

In videogame lab 2, I played three games to find out the connection and differences between the games. I played the games, and watched my partner playing the games. This post is about my thought of the three games through the experience.


The first game we played is This is The Only Level.

The goal of the game is quite simple that it is just to get to the goal using jump and arrow keys. Each stage has different mechanics with simple hint, and player should find it and use it to clear.

The second game is Mob, Inc.
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It is really simple game that players just kill the spawning adventurers using mouse.

The last game is A dance of Fire and Ice.

It is a rhythm game that users simply spacebar at appropriate timing while listening a nice music.

Critical Connection

After I played three games, I found that there were several connection between the Mobs, A dance of ice and fire, and The is The Only Level, but I think the most critical mechanic and dynamic was that they were real-time and challenging game which requires players should focus on controlling.

Mobs, Inc is the game that players move mouse to click the spawning adventures, and it has to be more precise and faster as the game goes to the next stage.

Just like the Mobs, A dance of fire and ice also requires players to click space on appropriate timing based on the music, and the music board, and the game become more difficult as the stage goes up.

This is The Only Level is also real-time challenging game that players move the elephant in real time, and solve the stage based on the hint given with the time passing right under the game screen.

I found there were many mechanics and dynamics of the games such as music, storyline, puzzle, etc.., but I believe the most critical part is that the games are in real-time, and challenging because when I just spectate my partner playing the game, the game were not as fun as when I played. I discussed about it with my partner why it was not that fun when I just watch someone playing, and the current result is that the game is real-time challenging game, and I feel neither challenging nor in real-time playing because someone else is playing.